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please explain to me the scientific nature of the whammy

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sorry, nobody down here but...
...scooly42. you've found your way to my XF fanart/icons journal.
i used to post my fanart and icons on my personal journal, but from now on (april 2009) it's all gonna be here: all the old stuff is now transferred, and any new stuff will be only posted here.
i also have a deviantart page, but this journal HAS MORE!!1!
this "more" is some random doodles, WIPs, and...

indecent exposure
yes, HERE BE PORN. you might want to avert your eyes. or not.
if something is not work safe, it's always under a cut, so no worries, no m&s doing the naked pretzel in front of your boss.
also: the pretzel isn't really that naked, and there isn't actually that much of it here.

fanfic illustration

yes, i do that. but please note that it usually happens without the prior knowledge of the story's author... if i read something and an image just pops into my mind, i do fanart. it doesn't happen every time, is very subjective, and by no means is the list of the fanfics i did doodles for equal with the full list of fanfics i admire.
ok, i guess what i'm trying to say is: please don't ask me to draw your fics lol.

in real life i'm busy with kidding myself that i am a srs bzns linguist/translator/MA candidate. drawing is a hobby and i don't really have much time to practice. ergo, side effects of viewing may include desire not to view anymore.

same old talk: all are takeable, just CREDIT and upload to own server.

other things relevant perhaps
my XF collages + my brushes & textures

friending and all that
friend away! all entries are public. this journal doesn't friend back; it's only a gallery.
don't attempt to join the comm. just add it to your watch!

xf communitites
that are awesome and that i am or was a part of:

all things xf: xfiles

art & fic: xf_bigbang, xf_santa, xf_is_love
& xf_pornbattle

lulz: the_caps_files

icons: xf_icons & trusteveryone.

for the layout css base goes to butterflybox.